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Hello and Welcome to Yoga Temple Yoga Teacher Training School Fort McMurray Ab

We are celebrating our 10 th year in business. We want to personally thank all of our students past and present for the blessing of being a small part in your path to love, Peace, Happiness and Success in your Yoga Journey.Shari Dale 2018 Yoga

  I have been a registered Yoga Instructor  with the International  Yoga Alliance since 2009.

  I am Certified as an ERYT at the 500 hour level with specialty training  in Prenatal  Yoga and Children Yoga. 

I run a successful Yoga Teacher Training School in Fort Mcmurray AB.

Yoga Temple Yoga School is an official educational intuition.

Yoga Temple is a fully accredited Yoga Teacher Training facility and recognized as an official educational institution by Human Resources Skills Development Canada and the Yoga Alliance . 


My Yoga Journey:

I started my wellness journey in 2008, seeking a way to distress from the corporate world- I was always pushing myself to strive further, work harder, accomplish more, achieve more get a big house, buy a fancy car, never stop, never settle. This was instilled in me and kept me going day to day – I started having major sleep issue and anxiety for years and was on a path to many self-destructive health behaviors. … I allowed myself to endure this.

Always adding more pressure and never a way to release de stress and just take a moment to breath and calm all the chatter in my mind.

Knowing now that all this could have been avoided if I permitted myself to self soothe between work days—take time to note what I was passing by to get to the next thing every time.. Always looking at the next goal never being in the moment and present to what was actually going on right in front of me. I still have allot to work on and I do this daily, with great pleasure.

I was an international competitor in modern gymnastics as a child also ballet and figure skating classes were a regular routine daily for me.

As I moved in to high school– there was track and field, tennis team volleyball team- hurdle-long jump, basketball ect always aim higher go further. Be the first to finish.

Yoga has giving me MY second chance to get a grip on what is real and what is really important. My health, my life- laughing, loving -breathing, thing I just didn’t make time for before. With this wonderful tool (yoga) in my life I am able to cope with all the things I come up against as a small business owner and wife.

I feel armed and ready for any new challenging situations, bumps in the roads ahead always be able to bring myself to calm(the present moment) whenever I need to. This is a wonderful tool and I intend to pass it along to as many people as possible.

This is just a brief intro to what has inspired me-come to a yoga class and de stress with me- see what yoga can do for you.


 Yoga TempleYoga Temple Shari Dale Yoga Fort McMurray

Yoga Teacher Training Program

 Yoga Temple Educational Institution has been successfully running since 2009 is a fully accredited Yoga Teacher Training Educational Institution and recognized by

  • Human Resources Skills and Development Canada and the
  • Yoga Alliance (world wide)
  • Many successful past student in Ontario and Alberta  

Helpful Links

View information for Students: from Canada Revenue Agency about Tuition, education, and textbook amounts. View our listing: with Human Resources Skills Development Canada Search our listing: with the Yoga Alliance

***Because we are a registered educational institution your fee’s are 100 % Tax deductible** 


What is your Yoga story?



Peace, Love + Happiness


Shari xo


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