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HIIT  + Restore TABATA


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The HIIT Workout Will Satisfy All Your Calorie-Blasting and De-Stressing Needs

Rev those endorphins when you’re stressed





Add our  HIIT to your day!

This is where you do short, super-intense bursts of movement with a very high heart rate.
We will go all-out, for your body’s ability, for the duration of the activity. Then you rest, but not for enough time to recover.

20 seconds activity, 10 seconds rest.
8 rounds of this, totaling 4 minutes, you’re done. TABATA Timing

(Plan on about 30 minute of HIIT in this class) the rest is Warm Up, Stretch and Relax Time!! You have it ALL!!

During our HIIT you will caused your body to do incredible things:

Strengthen, burn calories and fat, optimize cardio health as if you worked out for an hour or two!

Science proves that a few minutes of HIIT switches on your body as if it’s exercised for hours a week.

It’s incredible.

You work at your own pace!!


If you crave the calorie-crushing results you get from high-intensity interval workouts,this class is for you.

Hard cardio and strength-training bursts broken up by lengthening, relaxing cool-down-style moves.

Bursts of cardiovascular exercise revs up the caloric burn factor in half the time.

Get ready to sweat—and stretch!

**Modifications for every level during our  HIIT Classes!***


You are in control of your own heart rate!



Why not just Yoga alone?

 Yoga is great for activating slow-twitch muscle fibers, which builds endurance.
It’s awesome for helping your body to cleanse itself and also builds flexibility,
balance, and peacefulness.

But, even if the flow is faster, yoga simply doesn’t target your fast-twitch
muscles, which you need for muscle definition and gains in all-around strength.

A yoga practice alone also does not get your heart rate up enough to trigger
true cardiovascular optimization, fat and calorie burn and a raise in your
metabolic rate.


See you soon


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